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Which Therapy Do I Need?

Therapy just like medication focuses on different types of treatment. It's best done when taken in the right amount and regular doses. In this blog, we would explain to you some of the types of therapies and what specifics they hold. 

Let us find out…

  1. Psychodynamic Therapy - The focus of psychodynamic therapy is to find a source of distress through analysis of your memories, dreams, and thought patterns and your actions in the present. This therapy type aims to make the patient aware of the distress they have been facing due to the distortion of their past experiences, thoughts, and subconscious capacities.
  3. Behavioural Therapy - As the name implies, Behaviour therapy focuses on the behaviours that are elicited by the client and where that behaviour stems from. This type of therapy has a more action-oriented approach when it comes to treatment as it aims to fix distressing behaviours and to learn healthy and mindful ones.
  5. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - This type of therapy is an amalgamation of behavioural patterns as well as thinking patterns. The therapist here would try to understand the problem through not just certain behaviours but also analyse the thinking patterns of the client to find a healthy solution.
  7. Humanistic Therapy - This therapy type tries to understand the patient by understanding their worldview. The aim here is to find distortions in those worldviews and come up with the healthiest means and ways to help the client to overcome them. It is based on the primary principle of “you” as the primary belief of this therapy is that you know you best and thus, know what is needed of you in a situation.
  9. Interpersonal Therapy - The focus of this therapy is to understand the patient's relationships and their nature and how to manage them in the healthiest possible way. This therapy type focuses on both negative and positive patterns and thus, comes up with a mindful solution for the distress caused.
  11. Emotion-Focused Therapy - The focus of this therapy is to provide emotional awareness as well as regulation for the client. It aims to help master their emotion to the best of their ability and for a mindful outlook. This therapy focuses on both emotion recognition and regulation.
  12. Group Therapy - Therapy like this focuses on solving the problem in a group. It has a twofold purpose, one is to make the patient realise that they aren’t alone and two, to know that their problem is not unsolvable. This therapy also compels the patient to monitor their behaviour by bringing together people with similar problems and yet different experiences.
  14. Creative Therapy - This type of therapy focuses on the use of a creative medium to convey distress as well as to be able to analyse the distress that the patient is experiencing to be able to look for a mindful solution for the same.
  16. Dialectical Therapy - the focus of this therapy is fourfold, it focuses on emotions, thought processes, behaviour, and processing uncomfortable feelings. This therapy like CBT uses the analysis of behaviour and thought patterns to better understand the distress and to come up with a mindful solution.
  18. Mindfulness Therapy - The focus of this therapy is to promote, learn and exercise mindful thinking. It aims to help the individual/patient/client to understand and accept the world as it comes and to reduce the judgement to a minimum for mental peace.

You are the best to judge what you need. Therefore, it is up to you to know what exactly it is that you need. The types of therapies listed above are some of the few that have helped people and some that have proven to be widely successful in harnessing well-being.