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Know Yourself, Inside and Out with HappiLIFE

Socrates said it so well, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” 

However, we all are so occupied with our daily routine that we gradually stop spending time with ourselves and lose sight of our true identity. It is indeed quite common and we perceive it to be the conventional way to lead life. This often leads to:

  • Personality crisis 
  • Emotional problems
  • Psychological issues
  • Low self-esteem and more

We still prefer turning a blind eye to all of this due to prevalent stereotypes, financial constraints, and unawareness. When was the last time you sat down for introspection and talked to yourself? When was the last time you gave priority to yourself overwork, your family or what society thinks?

The ideal way to lead life is to know who you truly are and achieve your highest potential. Self-awareness is highly underestimated, though is it one of the major factors that determine your personality, emotions and intellect. 

In fact, according to an organizational psychologist and the author of ‘Insight’, Tasha Eurich revealed that 95 per cent of people believed that they are self-aware but the real number is 12 to 15 per cent. There is a huge gap in our perception of ourselves.

Consider HappiLIFE as the first step in bridging this gap and enhancing self-awareness. It is a simple screening exercise that will give you a detailed overview of different facets of your personality, strengths and weaknesses. 

What is HappiLIFE?

HappiLIFE is a science and research-based screening consisting of about 120 multiple choice questions and answers. It is customized as per the user’s profile and a summary is generated that is relatable and apt. 

Your responses to the questions in screening help us in detailing your personality’s summary. This simple but efficient exercise will introduce you to your truest self and facts that you didn’t know about yourself.

At the end of the screening, you will get a summary based on ten parameters like your happiness, work satisfaction, self-esteem, etc. It will be a reflection of your personality, identity, emotions and mood.

You can either read the summary yourself or opt for assisted screening summary reading.

Benefits of Assisted Screening Summary Reading

There are various benefits of opting for assisted report reading. Some of them are as follows:

  • Our experts who will read it to you have years of schooling and advanced degrees in human behaviour, relationships and effective interventions
  • It is different from simply you reading the summary. You might miss out on various important aspects when it comes to emotions and psychology
  • Assisted summary reading will give an in-depth review of who you are,  your hidden traits and details that you might have missed on
  • It will encourage independent thinking, self-reflection, and highlight the blind spots
  • The experts will help you to know the areas where you can thrive and areas that you really need to work on
  • It is like a test you show to a doctor for a diagnosis. It is imperative that you take your emotional health as seriously as you take your physiological health
  • You will be able to decide the next steps with much more confidence and knowledge

Who Should Use HappiLIFE?

Everyone must consider attempting HappiLIFE screening. Each of us has hidden potential that must be explored. HappiLIFE screening summary will bring all the details to the forefront. It will help you meet every aspect of yourself. You should especially consider HappiLIFE if you:

  • Feel stuck and are unable to untangle your thoughts
  • Want to know more about yourself and discover hidden potential
  • Wish to know your psychological well-being status
  • Want to start your journey towards mental well-being
  • Feel unhappy or dissatisfied
  • Unable to connect to people or feel distant
  • Want a safe and secure environment for exploring yourself

What are the advantages of HappiLIFE?

HappiLIFE is unlike any other psychological assessment and has various advantages like:

  • It is customized as per the user’s profile because one size doesn’t fit all
  • The information provided you will be confidential and won’t be shared with anyone
  • The screening summary can be easily understood by a layman. Expert intervention is suggested so that you can go deeper in understanding yourself
  • It gives a synopsis on day-to-day and relatable feelings and emotions like stress, internet addiction, job satisfaction, etc.
  • The summary is user friendly and designed in a way that is appealing and easy to understand
  • You can refer to the HappiMynd wheel for a glance at your emotional and psychological well-being
  • Our experts who have designed the screening are proficient and come from a solid psychology and psychiatry background

Consider HappiLIFE as the first step in your journey towards holistic wellness. It is the beginning of self-awareness and betterment. We always talk about how we want to grow in our lives and become a better person. That cannot happen until we are aware of ourselves, our intentions, motivations, emotions, etc. 

HappiLIFE will introduce you to your virtues and vices, which will help you to grow in all the spheres of your life. Your life’s journey will be incomplete if you never get to know your truest self.

So, when are you beginning your journey towards holistic wellness?