Care for Mental Health Wellness with mynd programme | Receive emotional care at HappiSPACE | Emotional Well-being is taken care of by HappiSPACE

HappiSPACE for Organisations

Holistic Wellbeing for your Employees

HappiSPACE is an anonymous, highly confidential, and end-to-end tech-enabled platform focused on redefining employee wellbeing & productivity enhancement. We create awareness among employees and offer online tools enabling self-management of life journeys, coupled with professional care and guidance by experienced professionals.

workplace stress management and wellbeing programs.

2800+ Organisations using our Self Help App

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How Are We Making Employees Happy and Resilient?

Create awareness on emotional well-being issues

Build emotional resilience to help deal with complexities at work and in personal life

Provide knowledge and skills to prevent emotional concerns

Offer online tools for early detection and self-management

Ensure thoroughly confidential interface and security of personal data

Special services for family coverage, parenting skills, and positive psychology based Management Development Programs

Why HappiMynd?

Why place your trust in us?

Creating visibility of overall wellbeing with mental wellbeing as a key component

Providing fully digital intervention for anytime anywhere support

Generating confidence in users about the need for emotional and mental wellbeing tools

Providing reliable, accessible, and affordable tools for a secure and comfortable user experience

No IT integration or other process modification needed

Plug & Play implementation with no workload on program sponsors

Improvement in overall engagement and success levels

Tangible metrics of usage and improvement of emotional wellbeing.

Build a Happi & Productive workspace