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A Simple test that will give you information on your health.

Our virtues help us in thriving in life, while our vices are the opportunities to improve. This is where HappiLIFE can assist you in knowing yourself better with a simple exercise based on your life and experiences. You will get to learn about your strengths, weaknesses and various other dimensions of your personality by completing the excercise. When you are aware of the parameters of your emotions and intellect, you can start your journey towards holistic wellness. Consider HappiLIFE as your companion supporting you in becoming a better version of yourself.
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Your Daily Dose of Self-Improvement or Positive Reinforcement

We Our busy schedules don’t leave us with much time to focus on our wellbeing. HappiAPP is a silver lining for those who want to keep a track of their emotional wellbeing as a part of their schedule. Engaging in brief personalized activities regularly will make significant positive changes in your life. It will help you to set goals and build habits for emotional resilience. HappiAPP is NHS approved and currently being used by 3.8 million users globally. It is accredited by 1SO27001 and comes with complete confidentiality and internationally recognized security standards. Get HappiAPP now
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A Safe Corner to Express Your Feelings

Not all days in our life are the same, some days are good than the others, while a few can be a little difficult and on those days you just need someone to listen. HappiBUDDY is a solution to all those times when you want to express how you feel, without any judgments. You can pour out the heart in your chat room anonymously and our expert psychologists will help you in positive ways of leading self out of situations. You will also get access to our Curated Library loaded with 5000+ minutes of content in English & Hindi that comes handy when you want to enrich yourself with information on emotional and mental wellness.

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A Calm Sanctuary for Bustling Minds

Sit, unwind, talk and relax! This is what HappiTALK is all about. It is a safe space with an experienced therapist where you can discuss life, ambitions, personal issues, career aspirations or anything under the roof. It is a cost-effective and competent tool to address your mental wellness needs through digital mediums. Our team of therapists is chosen after a rigorous screening process and multiple levels of interviews. All of them have extensive experience in supporting people to heal or thrive. Talk with Experts
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Build a Reliable and Anonymous Space

The world is a fast-paced, complex and uncertain environment where stress is inevitable. An individual’s morale and motivation must be high to stay engaged and be productivity. HappiSPACE is an anonymous and highly confidential space that actively works towards redefining mental wellness. Our end-to-end tech-enabled platform aims at creating awareness about emotional wellness and offering self-management tools to improve it. Our team of experienced mental wellness professionals is skilled at providing uplifting and healing therapies to the ones seeking to thrive or going through tough emotional and mental conditions. We are already working with 2800+ companies. When are you joining the bandwagon?

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