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Why Is It Difficult For Me To Make Decisions?

Chinese or Italian?

Red or Grey?

Science or Commerce?

Have you ever been stuck in these situations where you did not know what to choose?

Around 80% of people with depression have various kinds of insecurity that make them under confident about their personality or the decisions taken in life.

Why is it difficult for me to make decisions?

It's not you; it's the situation. And indeed, you need to break up with your overthinking and depression to make better decisions. 

Top 3 Reasons It's Difficult For You!

Any reason can trigger a person. Don't let that sadness stop you from being successful! If you relate to any of these three reasons, you must work on your mind's positivity to make quality decisions.

Thinking About Problems Rather than Solutions

Problems are prevalent in everyone's life, but if you continuously think about a problem creating more problems, it's a never-ending and hopeless loophole. If you find yourself in the trap, you should always take a break and look for a solution.

Panic And Anger!

Pain and anger can break building situations worse! Never panic and do something irrational but instead, go through it twice in your head before reaching any conclusion and think from every side. Never panic, and you'll always end up in profits.


The biggest enemy of all is procrastination. Procrastination delays and worsen the situation with more fear. Sometimes taking a high risk can make you more confident. Believe in yourself, and the outcomes will come with flying colours. 

How To Tackle It?

We understand that it's difficult for you to control your demons, but here are a few exercises for mind positivity and calmness to be sure and confident.

Meditation Is The Supreme Medication!

Most of you have heard meditation as the most common answer to curing depression and anxiety. It's the most basic yet most effective way in the long run. It might be hard to concentrate at first, but if you get hold of it, your mind is already as strong as steel.

Hit The Bathroom!

Many people around you must have concluded that when they are in the bathroom, they get crazy ideas or solutions to crazy problems. 72% of people, according to research, said that the brain works better in the bathroom.

Initial Small Steps With Backup

If you are still not satisfied and are overthinking your decision, it's better to take half steps than one, just to be sure, with a proper backup or support from behind. Be with loved ones who support you as a mentor. You will quickly gain confidence and experience over your decision by knowing the fact that you have someone to support you.

Final Thoughts

Being scared will not get you anywhere. You live your life only once! Experience in life brings out surety, and experience needs exposure. Instead of thinking, why is it difficult for me to make decisions? Please think of the reasons why you find it challenging to make decisions and solve the problem at the root. Now you know what to do. Happy reading.