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What To Do When Families Say "Depression Is Not Real"?

Most youngsters are caught in a dilemma about why they are always stuck with their parents thinking that depression is not real and it’s just all in the head. The generation gap is one of the biggest reasons for this problem.

Why Do Older Generations Think Depression Is Not Valid?

Well, everything has a reason and science related to it. History witnesses some of the cruellest practices that made minds of stone and feelings of no value. 

In earlier days, when tribes used to hunt and sacrifice for survival, the condition was so harsh that there was no time for mental drifts. This survival instinct continued when the war happened; soldiers were raised in rough conditions to focus on only one thing: " To fight". The war is over, and people are living a better lifestyle than in earlier days which is much more convenient and thoughtful. 

The constant shift of something or the other from the past brought depression from its path. It's safe to say that everything physical has turned into a mental battle. Hence mental health is vital. Living in 2022, it's also necessary to look out for feelings because it prevents you from falling into depression. 

What To Do When Families Say "Depression Is Not Real"?

Don't lose hope. We are with you! Here are a few ways you can tackle this situation by yourself.

Talk First!

Most parents don't show their emotions to their children, but when their children face problems, they are always there for them. Talking to them with an open heart can solve every problem! You should always talk to your parents about your problem before overthinking as they would always care. 

Communicate In Your Own Way!

Approach your family members who understand you first! By getting help from them, tell your parents what hurt you the most and look for solutions together.

Let Your Parents Take Time With You!

It's normal for people to get triggered by small things. Sometimes it becomes difficult for family members to understand the pain you are going through, even if it's a small issue. If you are in a situation where you can't openly talk it out, you should communicate in your way, taking your time. Let your parents take some time before they genuinely care for you, knowing how much it hurts you.

Approach Your Friends And Mentors

Sometimes going to your friends and your mentors who advise you and understand you better is the ultimate option when you can't find the support of your family. 

Open The Box Of Knowledge

Show your family members how important it is for you to balance your mental health through various research and documentaries available from various authorities. Knowledge can change people, and it can change your family too.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, most families do not think depression is real because of the massive age gap. But staying positive will keep you going. There are also numerous mental helplines for you to reach out to. Write to us, and we will gladly talk to you and stay by your side. Happy reading!