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Top 6 Movies To Watch For Mental Health Awareness!

Are you feeling down?

Are you feeling demotivated?

Sometimes empty minds get the good side of us. Want to avoid overthinking and watch something motivational that lifts your mood? Worry not; we have got you covered with movies based on mental health awareness that you may like. 

Top 6 Movies To Watch For Mental Health Awareness!

  • Dear Zindagi (2016)

The life of Kiara is perfectly normal, with quite regular problems and big dreams. The movie teaches us how mental health is essential and how it is important to treat it by going through different stages, evolving with life as it goes on. This movie has an everyday drama plotline with mental health awareness. 

  • A beautiful mind (2001)

The story's main protagonist is Nash, a schizophrenic genius. The plot moves around him and his wife, Alicia. The movie tells us that even if there is no cure, there is always a way to live a normal life. One should always be aware of their surroundings and know how to deal with them, even if it's tough. It's the mantra to a happy life.

  • Welcome to Me (2014)

"Welcome to me" is a romantic comedy filled with deeper aspects of teenage life that suffer from extreme mental illness due to inconveniences and unhappiness despite their privileges. The movie shows us how bad mental health can destroy things that can't be fixed even after winning lots of money. It also tells us that it's we who initiate our mental health journey whenever we feel ready.

  • Inside Out (2015)

A cute animated film that tells the story of a small girl who has different experiences and goes through different emotions. The movie tells us how we should be aware of feelings from situation to situation for better control in an entertaining manner that is good for kids to attain emotional intelligence. Different emotions act as various members, and the experiences get stored in different Islands in the form of memories. It's pretty interesting, even for adults.

  • It's kind of a funny story (2010)

If you are a Taare Zameen Par fan, you might like this movie as the plot is similar. The story goes around the life of Craig, who gets admitted into an adult psych ward for self-harm and attempts to suicide. He made new friends at the ward and also worked out with his friends and dad going into happy adulthood. It bursts out the most common myth and fear of psychiatric wards. 

  • The Dream Team (1989)

Thinking about what will happen to mentally ill patients when going on a trip unsupervised will surely give you lots of giggles and good values. A doctor takes out a bunch of patients on a New York trip to help them find themselves. The patients, in return, save the doctor's life and deal with their disorders. Indeed an exciting storyline to watch!

Final Thoughts

These movies will surely look out for your mental health and will make you aware of your emotions. The movies listed are mind-boggling, specifically curated for you to go for a new path and better resolution. Happy reading!