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The Psychological Effects of Climate Change and Environmental Disasters

Earth is a heavenly place to live in. Mother nature cares for everyone. The human race is constantly developing and evolving, but with evolution, we tend to forget our roots. The exhaustion of resources and depletion of the environment due to the constant upgrade of human greed is affecting the earth and its future generation through climate change and environmental disasters. 


As humans explore and need more and more resources, they are slowly exhausting the resources, which regenerate over a very long time. Most biodegradable resources required in everyday life for a comfortable livelihood are on the verge of exhaustion. Fossil fuels are scarce in so many places. Pollution and global warming are at their peak. Increased consumption of electricity and radiation is killing the life cycle of flora and fauna. Deforestation, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are deadly. 

Different risks of climatic conditions over livelihood are discussed and debated almost daily. A connection and an important aspect is missed in these comparisons. What is that? The Psychological Effects of Climate Change and Environmental Disasters. We need to address the mental problems arising from the severe climate change and environmental disasters that cause a high level of anxiety, stress, depression, and different kinds of Mental Health disorders. 

Studies Show That..

People, after newly found civilization, started to develop and invent. With inventions and technology, people began to develop greed and territorial behavior to inherit everything. This started the exhaustion of resources and wars.

Fast forward to today, with all the development and great inventions, we have developed 600 times more stress than before. Studies show that a corporate worker working 9 to 5 has the same stress level as a soldier on a world war 2 battlefields.

In the 90s, 2 out of 6 citizens were diagnosed with severe depression. As of 2020, every second person after the age of 13 shows moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The Things We Should Be Vary Of..

Amidst all these disasters and discussions about environmental disasters and climate change, we must also look at the victims of harsh environments and their mental health. The struggle to get resources to move in with daily life can be quite stressful. The increased amount of stress and anxiety can hamper the present and future generations. Children can develop different disorders from their parents with high stress and anxiety. Lack of resources and good life can lead to early signs of depression in children from a very young age. 

Fighting for the environment and conserving it will not only help us save the future generation a good amount of resources but also better mental health and overall quality of life. It is also seen that environmental disasters and severe climate change affect mental health more than physical health. 90% of people going through a drought or a flood, even if they are healthy, will show signs of mental health problems.


We need to look up and stand up for everyone as well as the environment to have a stable future. We need to work together with a calm mind and steady steps.