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The Link Between Depression And Bullying

Sometimes things take a turn for the worse. We don’t always get to decide for our environment. However, we are in control of ourselves. 

This blog precisely talks about that. It attempts to unearth the link between bullying and depression, and the role and control that depression has on both the perpetrator and the sufferer. 

Let’s dive in!

  1. Bullying and Depression

Bullying has been a long-term problem when it comes to social settings. The effects too have been long-term, causing problems among younglings, teens, tweens, and adults alike. While it is important to identify the problem to curb it. What is also important is to ensure that those affected are given the care and healing that they need.

Bullying could have grave repercussions for both the individuals experiencing it as well as for individuals extorting it. Each ends up suffering from long-term and short-term after-effects. These include

  1. Self-esteem issues 
  2. Issues with identity 
  3. General anxiety 
  4. Anti-socialness 
  5. Reclusive and defensive behaviors.

All these together give rise to problems that make even everyday tasks difficult. The heaviness of carrying the guilt as well as the harrowing trauma that follows due to the subjugation experienced are aspects that only further deteriorate the quality of one's mental state and life. 

The link between bullying and depression could serve to be both an effect, as well as a consequence, and both, require consciousness and attention for rectification. 

2. The Bully and Depression

An individual eliciting behaviors that are harmful to the well-being of the individual would possibly be going through something equally painful. It is because of the pain and anger that they feel on the inside that their choice of spreading pain around seems fair to them at the moment. In the long run, however, this brings guilt, shame, and regret, leaving them vulnerable to intense feelings of depression, social anxiety, guilt, and self-hate. 

This combination of vulnerability and intense feelings, starts a vicious cycle of a negative outlet for them, forcing them to continue their habits embedded in pain and return causing more pain. 

3. The Bullied and Depression

The individual who has to go through mistreatment daily would have a piece of them chipped away one at a time. Their concepts of self and identity would be negatively manipulated and twisted into knots of grief and a misunderstood self. 

This does not just upset their demeanor but also makes them more susceptible to painful emotional imbalances like anxiety and most prominently depression. 

This requires not just checks but also a rigorous system that focuses on the safety of the physical as well as the mental well-being of the individuals. 

Bullying much like anger has layers to it, and if one looks closely, one would find darker emotions like pain, shame, and guilt. So, don’t hesitate and accept it as fate. Confront the problem, talk to someone, seek help, and better yet, stand up to it and look it eye to eye. 

Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.