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Is Love Enough In A Relationship?

Do I love my partner enough?

Is our love enough to make us settle down and be stable together?

Is our love enough to have a future together?

Is our love enough for what we imagine together as a dream?


What is love?

Why so many questions?

Love And Its Relevance

Love is indefinite, fabulous, shapeless, and colourless, and comes in many forms. Love is not just a feeling but a better explanation to be felt with your heart. Love is practical and sometimes impractical. Love can have ups and downs. Also, it can bring excitement and boredom together. It's all those things you never expect but always dream of. But is this love worth a long-time relationship? Is love enough in our relationship? Am I compromising or making my partner compromise?

Love is indeed a feeling that cannot be understood. Only you can understand your love with much clarity. But here are signs for you to observe based on facts and research. If you are satisfied with all these questions and answers, it's true love and a match made in heaven.

#1 Do You Fight A Lot, Or Do You Not Fight?

Understanding this question can be complicated when you think about your fight and the rough lows of your life with your partner. Fighting too much is also toxic and not fighting enough is also toxic. Fighting too much pushes you toward the negative. Not fighting enough can make your relationship boring, and your partner will feel that you do not care about their mistakes. 

No matter what the fight is, it's actually about what comes after it. How well do you both sort things out? Do you communicate with each other or hold grudges? Do you try to understand each other's perspectives and know your partner better?

#2 Can You Sort Things Together?

After a fight, it is common for couples not to talk and have their space and comfort. Not sorting out things after clearing your mind and having your space can leave a grudge in your partner's mind. You have to leave your ego after you have fought to sort things out and make things clear for better decisions "together." If your partner does this, he loves you and is ready to leave their ego for your relationship. Trust us, these seem common. Still, it's very difficult to let it go.

#3 Do You Care For Each Other Even After The Worst Fights?

Caring for each other never stops when you are in love. After each fight, you may not talk to each other for days, but the caring is constant. Even if couples do not talk to each other after the fight, they ensure that their better half is working fine and having their meals on time; that is love. 

End Thoughts

The motive of this blog was to make you understand that every small thing you do together has meaning and adds to love. Things without love are meaningless, but things with love are what love is! There will be ups and downs and rough patches, but what matters the most is whether you handle things in love and love itself.