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How to Increase Productivity and Make The Most Out Of Yourself

How to Increase Productivity and Make The Most Out Of Yourself

As a student, there is a lot to do in what can feel like very little time. Alongside attaining good grades, it is essential to get plenty of rest, remain social, and take care of your health. One can get overwhelmed, but what is essential is working smartly. Here are a few tips which would help you in increasing your efficiency and maximizing your output.

Track and allocate time

There are days when you have a heavy workload, and the list is never-ending. Allocate time blocks to all the tasks in hand and note exactly how much time it takes to complete each task. A time tracking app can be beneficial. Every time you need a break, stand up, get a snack, or let your mind wander.

Gradually, you will learn to predict how long a task is likely to take. It will allow you to plan your week accordingly. By using this method, you’ll minimize time wastage and feel more certain about your study habits. Time tracking is essential and will bring drastic changes in your life.

Break large tasks into small ones for ease 

There are times when you face trouble getting started on an enormous task, as some tasks are more extensive than others. You can increase your efficiency by breaking an assignment into small, manageable chunks. Then put those chunks on a well-managed checklist so that the motivation to complete tasks increases. Tick off the task from the list. This can work as a motivating reward.

Try to Eliminate Distractions

Distractions include cell phone buzzing, Instagram notifications, email notifications, and multiple web browsers open on the desktop. Distractions should be avoided to improve the quality of work. Sometimes a bit of music in the background can help you focus. Of course, it doesn’t have to be heavy rock music, but a bit of white music for concentration would be good.

Group Similar Tasks into a Single Batch

Tasks like phone calls, email, and errands can be grouped into a single batch. You will save time by completing similar tasks in one session. Set reminders, and group all of your most essential tasks in a convenient spot. 

Figure out your Productive Hours 

Everyone has a specific time of the day in which they are more productive. For some, it’s morning hours; and for some, it’s after midnight. Figure out what works for you, optimise your work schedule when your prime time is for enhanced productivity.

Plan in advance 

Utilize a calendar, diary, or planner to plan for the upcoming weeks and months. It is part and parcel of life as a student. Know when the submissions are due, and give yourself plenty of time to plan to work on it. These practices will help in maintaining work/life balance. Plan your tasks in chunks based on importance and urgency.

Take screen breaks 

Taking breaks doesn't mean switching from reading an article online or scrolling Instagram. By 'break,’ we mean break – pull yourself away from your computer and do something unrelated for a few minutes. Go for a run, have a cup of tea, or chat with your roommate, basically doing whatever it takes to help you switch off for a bit. 

You need to give yourself time to unwind throughout the day. It can be easy to forget when you're knee-deep in the study that even you have limits (you're only human). Taking breaks will help you avoid burnout. It's not about how much time you spend studying, but how effectively you use that time.

It is okay to feel that you’re not doing enough and not working according to your calibre. You may feel like you’re the only one, but most people think the same way. Remember that you are important, and taking good care of your emotional well-being will enhance your overall well-being. Getting help for practical understanding about yourself through screening summary, using self-help tools, and availing yourself the option of talking to our experts for more support without compromising on your confidentiality is available.