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Going Back To Work After Your Maternity Leave

Going back to the office after having a baby is hard. You’ve been out of the office for months, and going back to your workplace can require some time for adjustment. There will be an emotional rollercoaster you'll be dealing with. There may be a lot of anxiety, anger, sadness or guilt about leaving your child at home. But, it's important to remember that this is just the transitional period and it will pass!

We have listed a few simple steps that'll help you prepare yourselves well enough, and will train your toddlers to a new routine. Here it goes: 

  1. Finding reliable and trustworthy child care - Finding reliable child care is important since your child would be spending most of their time in that environment. As your child will be there in your absence, trusting it and making yourself comfortable with it is important. Also, making your child comfortable in that environment, without you is the crucial part.
  2. Consider your schedule beforehand- Being a parent is a full-time responsibility. Going back to work may feel stressful or overwhelming. Remember to consider options like joining part-time. You can speak to your HR about this if there is an option available. If possible, have this significant conversation before you start your maternity leave.
  3. Make time for yourself- Juggling with parenthood and career, self-care does take a back seat. But ignoring yourself isn't always the best option. By taking care of yourself, you'll be able to take care of other things in a better manner. You can spend some quality “me-time” to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. Do activities that you enjoy and those that please you to feel less exhausted & surprisingly energetic.
  4. Don’t hesitate in talking about your problems- Seek support and you never know you may find someone with answers to your questions, or someone going through the same. Knowing you aren’t alone in it does help a lot.
  5. Socialize more - A lot of catching - up is also done out of the office. If possible, do attend the informal meetings, office parties etc. Try being social as much as you can. This will help you with any adjustment issues you are facing and also help you to recharge yourself.
  6. Do not force anything on yourself- Be compassionate with yourself. Give yourself time and space for every decision you take on. Being a parent with a career is difficult, so do not take impulsive decisions. This is not a competition where you need to prove yourself to someone.

Let's Conclude! 

Juggling employment responsibilities and a new baby will never be easy. But planning and discussing how you will rejoin work can make handling any unexpected roadblocks a lot easier. In case things become a lot to handle and you want to share it with someone, HappiBUDDY and HappiTALK are a few options you can look into, from the various other exceptional services we provide.