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Employee Wellness Programme: What Are the Advantages?

An employee wellness programme is a type of initiative which is executed by employers in any organization for the overall physical and mental wellbeing of the employees. Employee wellness programmes initially started in large companies with a big set-up and number of employees. Nowadays employee wellness programme is quite common in medium and small-sized business. It’s becoming a regular part of most of the company’s benefits packages. A present study revealed the fact that more than 70% of employers offer a wellness programme for their employees.

There can be different types of employee wellness programmes:

• Providing employee fitness and yoga classes

• Offer healthy foods

• Offer preventative health screening

• Conduct workshops on emotion and stress management

…and more

Why Wellness programmes? How do they help employees?

Researchers said that wellness programmes designed for the employees might help to create a win-win situation that can positively impact both employees and employers of an organization.

Improve health behaviours of employees and reduce cost - Conducting the right employee wellness programme can help your employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. A systematic way of conducting employee wellness programs can help individuals to overcome unhealthy behaviours and avoid health-related risks. The process ultimately helps to reduce employee health-related costing.

Reduce lifestyle-related diseases – Conducting such programmes can help employees to reduce bad habits like smoking, and encourage them to stay fit. After going through a couple of programme sessions most of them could become interested in regular exercise. Growing good habits can surely help them to stay away from lifestyle-related diseases. Wellness programmes have significant positive effects on employees health and mind.

Reduce stress level – Increasing stress levels can affect employees’ health and reduce workflow in any organization. Employee wellness programmes are quite effective in controlling stress levels and improve their work performance.

Improve ROI - Worldwide researches have already proved that investing in effective employee wellbeing programs can significantly improve employees mental wellbeing and motivate them to enjoy their work, and helps the organization to improve return on investment.

Higher market valuation – Studies have shown that companies that invest in their employees' mental wellbeing and conduct a programme to provide them emotional support can experience higher market valuation.

Decrease depression – Social interaction and positive reinforcement involved in a wellness programme can help workers in any company to decrease their depression level. Such programmes can be an ideal solution to help them to stay mentally fit, and focus more on their work.

Improve bonding between your employees – Any wellness programme that you conduct, brings all your employees together and let them participate jointly. This is a great way to improve bonding between your employees.

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