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Are You In Love With A Fictional Character?

Damon Salvatore, Stephen Salvatore, Chandler, Jack Dawson, Noah Calhoun, Elena, Wednesday, Gina, Rachel, do you recognize them? These male and female fictional characters are from movies and TV serials that don't need an introduction. Even if people have not seen the whole series, they know who these legendary characters are! These names are from top fictional characters people are most likely to marry.

If your heart gets excited over these names, are you in love with fictional characters? Liking a fictional character from a series is different, but how is it that you love them?

Top 5 Signs That You Are In Love With A Fictional Character!

"Fangirling" is a term used for Korean dramas and Japanese movies where people are obsessed with fictional characters. If you search Ho Jun Jae, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kim Shin, Kim Bok-Joo, and Do Bong Soo, a fictional character pops up instead of drama or Wikipedia. These Korean characters are so popular and made perfectly ideal that people have developed numerous web pages dedicated to them as if they were real. 

Why do people do it? They are in love with their favourite fictional character. Here are the top 5 signs that you are in love with a fictional character. 

#1 You defend instinctively when others share a negative review of the character!

You can't hear bad for someone you love. It is a natural behaviour to defend someone when you are in love. Nobody can speak badly about the person you love, and sure it is not a fictional character but a reality in your mind, and it's what you care about.

#2 You are obsessed with their name and personality.

When you try to link the fictional world and the real world, it is when you know that your love for a fictional character is going out of hand. It's one of the most obvious reasons you fall in love with the fictional character when you find yourself doing this.

#3 Doing things as fictional characters like!

It can be pretty tiring when you associate yourself with fictional characters in real life because your fictional characters are perfect, but everyone is imperfect in reality. Your efforts to love your fictional character can be more productive if you do that for a real person.

#4 Acting Like You are in a movie or a series!

If you are acting like you are in a movie/ series, a charming prince will come out of nowhere to help you and treat you like a princess, just like in an exaggerated K-drama. This is where you draw a red line. A real human being will treat you well with all your flaws and imperfections, but they will be imperfect too, so you can accept them as they are.

#5 Overdoing It!

Being super possessive about your fictional characters in real life or dismissing others' views is what overdoing is. Everyone can have an opinion over a fictional character according to their preferences, but arguing is a sign that you love your fictional character with way too real feelings.


You can instantly tell if you are in love with a fictional character. But if you are in love with fictional characters, you need to socialise and be confident about your choices in real life too.