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7 Sleep Myths — Busted

We spent half of our lives resting and healing. Thus, sleep is as important as the work of our waking world. This blog debunks some of the widely known myths about your sleep culture. Let’s dive in.

7 Myths regarding Sleep

Your body gets used to less sleep - This is not true as your body is wired to recharge. Thus, it needs ample sleep. Just because your laptop can recharge in a span of 2 to 3 hours, does not mean your body can too. So please don’t negotiate with sleep and the care of your body. 

Many adults need five or fewer hours of sleep - This is also untrue, granted that adult life demands active and mindful management of your time with engagements that are a priority but, this should not be done at the cost of your sleep. This should also be noted that sleep as per your stress requirements makes it even more important as sleep does the primary repair of wear and tear of your body. Less sleep means fewer repairs, and in turn, this means only more stress for your body. 

How long you sleep is all that matters - This is also untrue, as bedtime is a must. It does not just provide for a restful sleep but also timely repairs. A bedtime ensures good metabolism management as well. 

It does not matter when you sleep as long as you sleep enough hours - As stated above bedtimes are good for your metabolism. Please ensure that you routinely fix this as sleep deserves as much attention as your waking part of the day. 

A good sleeper doesn’t move at night.- This is also untrue, just like your individual personality, your sleeping patterns are all a matter of your bodily comfort. We shift into the position where the whole of our body finds comfort. 

Your brain shuts down during sleep - This is again false information because our mind is always at work, even in sleep. It ensures that your body and muscles relax, the parasympathetic nervous systems smoothly take over, and dream induction as well as making sure that repairs that are required follow suit. 

Dreams only happen during REM sleep - Sleep takes over in five stages. While according to some studies REM dreams seem more potent and usually remain in our memory cycle, it is important to remember that dreams are a part of every stage of our sleep, we might not be able to remember or fully recall any of them.  

Sleep is an important part of our lifestyle, the part that ensures that we keep going and that we are ready to fight for all the goals that we wish to achieve. So, embrace sleep and let it heal you. 

  1. Sleep - 19
  2. Metabolism - 2
  3. Mindful - 1
  4. Body - 8
  5. Mind - 1