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7 Genuine Ways To Get Out Of Public Speaking Anxiety

"Speak clearly, if you speak at all. Carve every word before you let it fall."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Public speaking is undoubtedly an art to conquer. But how? Discover the best in you, and hone your skills!

It is shocking to know that not only introverted people but also extroverts have a fear of talking publicly. People get nervous when speaking in front of everyone on a stage. According to the British Council, 75% of the population is uneasy when talking publicly on stage, and 10% of people are absolutely terrified of it.

Follow up on some most effortless ways to wreck your nervousness! 

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Is Most Helpful Of All

Classic yet one of the most useful ways of practicing your posture and attitude before speaking. You can easily evaluate yourself to see how you look when you speak to avoid nervousness. 

Keep Your Mind Clear While Speaking On Stage

When speaking on stage, one should always keep your mind clear on any second thought that appears to avoid stammering and long pauses. People often get confused, seeing so many people on what to say and what to not. This problem causes a lot of breakage in the speech one is about to give. Hence being clear about what to say can help a lot.

Panic Is Never An Option

Always be energetic and positive about your performance. Never get preoccupied or panicked before speaking, as this will only result in a breakdown to make things worse. Nothing can go wrong if you don't panic. Everything has its own way, and you will glide through it with positivity.

Take Deep Breaths

Always take deep breaths to avoid nervousness. Taking deep breaths calms your mind down and enhances your performance. This technique also relaxes your mind and avoids a shaky voice on the mic.

Cheer Yourself Up

Do a little cheer up for yourself to get the confidence you need. Ask your friends to support you. A little confidence boost from the person you are close to is all you need to avoid getting nervous.

Never Do Last Minute Changes, Be Sure!

Never do something on stage that you are unsure of, as it will create hesitation in front of everyone, making you more nervous. Always ensure you know what you are doing in front of everyone to beat stage anxiety.

No fake, All Flow!

Public speaking is all about the flow and vibe you create. Speak your heart out about what you support and what you do not, to influence people. Being fake on the stage is a big no. Acting is only complimented when it feels natural. Go with the flow!


Practice and conquer! Get out of your public speaking anxiety. The more you practice, the more unpredictable it becomes. We are sure that these tips will help you the most. Please take a look again and try it now.