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6 Tips To Focus At Work During Stressful Times

One of the biggest challenges nowadays is just to figure out how to stay focused and pass the storm. Multiple factors contribute to the loss of focus such as interpersonal stress, time-wasting habits, and distractions. These factors negatively impact productivity levels and overall efficiency. Here are some ways to power through and stay productive during a rough patch

Take back control

Daily news about negative incidents serves as a constant source of stress. We must take measures to directly counter what’s amping up the levels of our stress. One successful strategy is to cut back on taking so much in. It means taking in only as much as you can deal with within a single day. You simply don’t have to think about it and just dwell on all of it 24/7. It is important to cut back on sifting through the news found online, especially on social media sites.

Energy management

By paying careful attention to the daily activities, you can make out whenever you are at your peak performance levels and also identify those times when you are running low on energy. Plan your maximum performance periods accordingly and avoid time-wasting activity or people who drain your time without purpose.

Do your most important task second

Often people are in the habit of putting everything into a priority list and doing the most important thing first. But sometimes the first thing is kind of hard to get started with and they just end up getting stalled.

Instead, indulge in doing the most appealing task first. It’s an easy way to help you gain momentum and would set the base wherein you just can more easily get started on the high-priority tasks. Just getting started should be your top strategy.

Create a “won’t-do list” 

By creating a won’t do list would give you clearer space to think and work, as it would set the intention to deliberately not work on something which would give you clearer space to think and work and also be less reactive. 

Treat work as an escape

Try to shift your perspective a bit and see work as an escape. While your home might be full of stress at the moment, work can be a nice little escape. Work can be stressful too, but it’s a different kind —less personal and also less emotional. Your time at work can be a good way to take your mind off everything else happening at home. After all, if you just stay at home all day and dwell on just the situation, you’d just feel only worse. 

Nurture your support system

The major way of being productive at work during a personal crisis is just by having a support system. If you have someone to communicate openly with, this will help you very well concentrate on work.

So make sure that you have a small group of people whom you trust and whom you know you can call on when needed. This will ensure your peace of mind that you need to focus on other things.

If you’re going through difficult times, just know that you’re not alone. We’ve all been through it and we’ll all go through it again. We’re human, after all. Take care of yourself and always remember…this too shall pass.

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