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6 Benefits of Therapy

How often do you feel that something is off, even when everything around you is going perfectly well? Or that you need to stop your negative behaviours, fix yourself, and get your life back in order? How did you deal with your last rejection, or when you got laid off from your job?

It comes as no surprise that life is not always rainbows and unicorns. You, me, and almost every other human being in this world have some sort of mental struggle. And in the words of some of the greatest poets and philosophers, these struggles are what makes us “human”. 

Therapy is no cure-it-all magic pill to make your life picture perfect, but it can, and sure will help you deal with your struggles a lot better than trying to do it all by yourself. So if you’re still not convinced whether you need therapy or not, here are 6 ways in which therapy could help you:

1. Therapy helps you tame that voice inside your head 

We all have that inner chatter, which Buddhist monks rightfully call the “monkey brain”. This is the voice of all the negative self-talk, constant self-doubt, and overthinking to the point of exhaustion. We often vehemently believe that this never-ending chatter is the reality, and fail to recognise what they are; just thoughts. Therapy can help you discern your thoughts from facts, and can help you reinforce the idea that you are not just a sum product of those invasive thought patterns. 

2. Therapy gives you a benchmark for good relationships 

From the time we are born, we deal with relationships that might not be creating any positive impact on our lives, or worse, are outright toxic. But since this is what we have been used to, from the time we are incapable of making independent, rational decisions, we assume that this is all there is; and this becomes the touchstone for our future relationships. The non-judgmental, motivating, and understanding words of a therapist can serve as a benchmark, and we finally become capable of differentiating a good relationship from a negative one. 

3. Therapy can help with the physical symptoms of mental struggles

Our brains and bodies are wired together and are part of a single machine. An unhealthy body can affect our mental well-being and vice versa. When we struggle with stress, anxiety, or depression, it reflects on our bodies. This could manifest as gastrointestinal issues, lethargy, or even hair fall. Therapy, in addition to the psychological benefits, can also help with these physical expressions of mental crises. 

4. Therapy can help you attain your personal goals 

Against popular notion, therapy is not just for people struggling with mental illnesses. Even when you are trying to transform your life for the better, and change your negative habits to positive ones, talking to a therapist could help in forming clarity of thought and decluttering your mind to create more space for those productive choices. 

5. Therapy helps you become comfortable with being uncomfortable

This could sound a bit paradoxical, but therapy is not intended to make you perpetually happy, because life doesn’t work that way. The fact is, we all will have bad days too, and that is okay. In our constant effort to attain happiness, we fail to learn the skill of being uncomfortable. Therapy teaches us to embrace this discomfort, which is as important a part of our lives as serenity. 

6. Therapy creates a ripple effect 

When you seek help, you show others around you that it is normal to do so. You might be unknowingly helping someone in their battle. You start spreading the positivity that you gain from therapy, not just to your friends and family, but also to the future generation, and ultimately become a part of removing the stigma around mental health support.

Therapy is not just for people who are struggling with mental health issues, it is for everyone who wants to maintain their overall emotional and mental wellbeing. HappiTALK can be an active partner in your journey towards overall wellbeing. You will always have a professional by your side that will help you at every step.