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Do you keep a check on your emotional wellbeing?

Empowering you to self manage emotional and mental wellbeing at any stage of life!


HappiMynd’s globally proven and digitally empowered tools are customised to perfectly fit the emotional and mental wellbeing needs of 10 unique social profiles. Our emotional health checkup helps you evaluate your overall well-being while gaining valuable insight into multiple parameters of emotional and mental state. Everyone can find a safe space to assess themselves as per their life situation. Take the HappiLIFE Awareness tool to inch one step closer to your holistic wellbeing journey.

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Care for your mind as you care for your body

We believe wellbeing is a 360 degree notion that involves peace, vitality and safety in each of physical, emotional and psychological states of being. Global researches have proven a direct long lasting impact of mental health on physical health. Securing this two-way relationship is key to achieving overall well-being.

Choose your own path to Emotional Wellbeing

Our unique 5 stage methodology  focused on Awareness, Prevention, Early Detection, Self Management and Therapeutic Treatment enables you to single out  the tool that best serves your emotional and mental wellbeing priorities. You can use them all or make a customised choice. Our services are Accessible, Affordable and Reliable with 100% Privacy & Confidentiality.

Importance of emotional wellbeing
How to take care of emotional wellbeing?

One right step makes all the difference

When it comes to your emotional health, knowing where you stand is crucial in identifying which lane will lead you to a happier and healthier self. Our method of helping you on this journey is customised, deeply researched, globally acknowledged, and thoroughly private. For every psychological need of yours, we have a unique digital solution. Make the move now!

How are we redefining Emotional & Mental Wellbeing?

Share your feelings

Focus on Awareness and Prevention

Be aware and take self care

Profile Based Assessment and Customised Support

Know early signs

Online Tools for Self-Care and Self-Management

The world is talking about it

“A healthy mind, is the greatest treasure to find.’’

Explore your emotional health and gain insight on multiple parameters of wellbeing!

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