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HappiBUDDY – A Best Friend in Your Pocket

Rachel Cohn, one of the NY Times bestselling authors said, “I wanted to talk to someone. But who? It’s moments like this, when you need someone the most, that your world seems smallest.”

A lot of us will relate to this feeling. Isn’t it? 

A bombshell, Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, revealed how it can be difficult for even the strongest and popular people in the world to feel lonely. Meghan Markle confessed how she felt suffocated in the strict structure of royalty and wanted to end her life. According to her, she wasn’t provided with any help.  How we wish, HappiBUDDY could reach her! Sometimes all we need is venting out!

Don’t let negative feelings hoard up and lead to something disastrous.  A better approach is to keep venting out when you feel stressed, anxious, sad, lonely, anything. HappiBUDDY can help you in feeling better, whenever needed. 

What is HappiBUDDY?

HappiBUDDY is a safe space where you can discuss anything under the roof without any inhibitions. Whenever you are feeling uncomfortable, all you have to do is drop a message and our experts will connect with you and give you a solution as soon as possible. It is an anonymous space, so, you don’t have to worry about any information getting out. Our platform is confidential and secure.

If you opt for HappiBUDDY, you will also get unlimited access to our exclusive content library that has informational videos, audios, blogs and articles. There will never be a dearth of motivation. 

Who Should Use HappiBUDDY?

We all need an ear to hear sometimes, so basically, HappiBUDDY can be used by anyone. However, you can greatly benefit from it if you relate to any of the situations given below:

  • You want to share and vent out your feelings but fear that you will be judged and your secrets will get out
  • When you are figuring out your emotions and do not require therapy immediately
  • You want to learn about emotions, mind, psychology, day-to-day problem-solving techniques, etc.
  • When you are experiencing burnout and want to take out your frustration
  • You want professional guidance on approaching a problem that you might have been facing
  • You want some push or motivation (in form of blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) to avoid procrastination
  • When you require psychological help but do not have the allowance to personally visit a therapist

Why Should You Choose HappiBUDDY?

HappiBUDDY is an evolutionary product loaded with unique features which you can benefit from. Some of the salient features that help it stand out are:

  • Our experts are chosen after a rigorous screening process and have the skills to help people virtually
  • It is pocket friendly and can greatly benefit people who are on a budget
  • It can be accessed from anywhere anytime
  • It helps to filter out people who are in need serious need of therapy from the ones whose problems can be solved with basic techniques
  • We support anonymity, confidentiality, secrecy and reliability

HappiBUDDY is like an honest friend that we all want in our lives, a friend who doesn’t judge or leak out our secrets. Doesn’t matter how difficult your emotions are, our experts are ready with solutions that will help you live a peaceful and fulfilling life. A simple act of letting your emotions out can significantly improve mental health. In fact, one of the industry researchers found that venting to a third party could help one feel better. You have to use it to know what we are talking about.